How to Edit your IG photos like a pro

How to Edit your IG photos like a pro

Editing photos for instagram is not as complicated as it may seem, but it also isn’t just throwing on an IG preset and hitting post.

I’m going to share with you all of my photo editing tips and tricks. If you follow each of these steps it will take a decent photo to a fabulous one in with just a few simple clicks.

Do I have your attention yet or should I keep selling you on my magical ways? I should mention that these tips are directed towards bloggers, business owners or if you’re looking to wow your friends and family.

First off it’s all about the app. My favorite editing app to use is VSCO or ColorStory.

Before you add any type of filter to your photo -STEP AWAY FROM THE FILTERS- the most important thing to do is head over to the “tools” section of the app. This is where you’re going to fix your base. Think of your photo as your makeup routine, if you don’t fix your skin then your makeup is never going to sit right.

Tip #1 add exposure! This is my number one tip- if you take anything away from this post it’s to add brightness to your photo. It will change the feel of the entire image (see below). If your photo is to bright lessen the exposure. Just remembered it’s much easier to fix a darkened photo then an overly exposed one.

Example: Just by adding a little exposure to this photo, I was able to really make it pop.

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Tip #2 straight out that photo! No one like a crooked photo. Play with the scale and skew to make sure it’s as even as possible.

Example: the original photo was slightly crooked. I was able to straighten it out just by using the “straighten” tool.

photo, straighten, skew, scale

Tip #3 shadows, highlights & contrast. I don’t like to mess with this to much, but sometimes a photo will need a little bit of a tweaking in these departments.

Example: Now this step varies depending on the photo. If I wasn’t doing this to show you, I prob wouldn’t have added any contrast or highlights to this photo, but for the sake of this post I did and you can slightly see the change.

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Tip #4 temperature. I like for my photos to have a cool tone to them, so I’ll usually slightly decrease the temperature in my photos. In some cases like this one i’ll amp up the temp. It honestly depends on the photo and what you think looks best with the overall image. I like how amping up the temp in this image made the olive color in my jacket and skin pop out more. I feel that it gave the image a “healthy glow”.


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Filter- Within the app you chose their are going to be TONS filters find one you like that you think will go well with a variety of photos that you take, then pick a percentage and stick with it, DON’T CHANGE IT! This tip is super important for anyone that wants to keep a cohesive IG board. For example If you’re in VSCO and love AV8 move that filter down to 4.5 or less -Over filtering your photo is never a good idea- then apply it to all your photos from that point on. Don’t jump from filter to filter unless you don’t care about a cohesive IG story board then by all means have at it. Keep in mind a filter should NEVER be the focus of your image. I only use filters to keep a cohesive flow with my images not to mask them.

Example of a low filtered image vs a full filtered one.

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Last tip and last step- if you’re into details download the app InstaSize. In that app they have a whitening tool to enhance the white details in your photo. Most people just use this for their teeth, BUT you can use it on your white coffee mug or to make the white details in your background pop. It really makes a subtle difference.

Example: In the photo on the right I whitened the pavement the details on my sweater, and the fur on my jacket.

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Now here is a bonus tip for you. Sometimes as bloggers or in general we want a photo to look perfect, but theirs always something out of place. Maybe a person in your background is distracting or a spot on the ground that’s messing up the flow. No worries, we can fix that with an app called “retouch”. Just DL the app and erase the items that you want out of your image.

Example: see that guy walking? GONE see that metal cap in front of me? BYE .. this tool is amazing for my OCD

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So just to recap we went from this image on the left to the image you see on the right. I think thats a huge improvement! I hope you guys enjoyed this mini how to and let me know in the comments if you found it helpful.

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