The year of Spontaneity

The year of Spontaneity

Hey babes Happy New Year!! I know it’s been a second and I’m so sorry. My life has been super hectic lately, but I’ve been sharing a lot on my IG and IG stories, so I wasn’t completely M.I.A. BTW if you’re not following me on Instagram your missing out so click here and hit follow!

I know a ton of bloggers are jumping into, “ways to kick start that summer bod” or “how to stay on track with New Years resolutions.” I’m going to keep it real with you, I don’t do New Years resolutions, I do themes. It sounds weird I know, but hear me out. Every December 31st I decide on a theme for the next year. For instance, I dubbed 2016 my year of happiness and that summer I started a new job that I love, my husband (then boyfriend of 8 years) proposed, and my niece was born. I’d say it was a pretty damn happy year. 2017 was my year of adventure. In 2017, I got married, went to Cali and traveled to the other side of the world I think that checks out as adventurous. Now for 2018 I’ve decided to dub this year as my year of spontaneity. It’s an odd choice I know, but I’m turning 30 this July and I want to do EVERYTHING. So if my husband want to fly to Cali for the weekend I’m in, if I’m asked to host an event I’m down and I’m not stopping there I’m also going to put myself out their more, like asking the fat Jewish via insta stories if I can be an influencer for his brand white girl rosé, true story! Oh and he’s sending me wine ::cheers:: I’m so up for everything and anything positive that 2018 wants to bring my way. Maybe it’s because I know that the mom itch is coming on or maybe it’s because turning 30 seems insane to me. Whatever it maybe I like this spontaneous version of me.

I was going to share how I edit my photos in my this post, but I think I’m going to put that up tomorrow as an extra post. I mean I did miss a week while I was in Cali, so it’s the least I can do to make up for it! -see you’re going to like this spontaneous versions of me too!

Share with me in the comments your thoughts on a theme years instead of a “resolutions”. Or tell me your theme for 2018!