Last minute holiday gifts under $20 that don’t suck

Last minute holiday gifts under $20 that don’t suck

I was really torn as to what this gift guide should be. It was between “babes on a budget guide” or “last minute gift ideas”. I decide to combine them both because usually if we’re last minute babes it’s most likely because we’re waiting on that paycheck or holiday bonus to do a little holiday shopping. – or we’re just procrastinating. Either way we’ve all been there- well at least I know I have-

Back to the guide. It’s the time of year when everyone wants to exchange gifts and then you have the ones that come out of the woodwork with, “just a little something”, for you. I’m already a last minute holiday shopper and on a tight budget now I have to be a magician and pull a random gift out of my…- you get my point. I’ve been there way to many times, so I’m fully equipped to help a sista out.

Here are a few last minute gift ideas that your sister, mom, aunt, girlfriend(s) will all love oh and their cheap enough to grab a couple extra just incase that random co-worker decides to bring you in, “just a little something”.

The makeup junkie

We all have one on our list and makeup is no cheap gift-this is coming from a recovering makeup addict. Decent makeup is well over $30 and girl I just have a $10 bill with your name on it.

To Purchase this pretty Mermaid Bush set click here

















Have a few makeup lover friends? Grab a set and break it up into a few different gifts. This is perfect for coworkers too. One of my favorite makeup brands is Bite beauty, not only do they have amazing colors, but their formula is food grade meaning your not accidentally putting toxins into your body every time you lip your lips.

Grab this BITE BEAUTY 4 for 1 gift set here.                               Another great option is this pack from TARTE Beauty

The stresses out babe or the self indulgent kinda gal

Theirs always that one person on your list that super stressed out. Maybe they’re a new mom, or they have too much going on. On the other end of the spectrum we all have a few on our list that just love to pamper themselves. These gifts would be the perfect self pampering gift to unwind and just relax.

Click here for this gift set.








Fashion babe

Being a fashion blogger I know a thing or two about fashion gifts and the first thing is they’re EXPENSIVE, but you know I got you covered with these two fun fashion gifts that any fashionista will love.


Faux Fur Pompom Beanie


Belle Sunglasses

The believer

Have a friend that’s into crystals or could use some good vibes? Check out these two kits. BTW I’m a firm believer in manifestation, but a person that bought this manifestation kit actually won the lotto -just saying could be the best $19.95 you’ve ever spent.




Morning Person

We all have that friend that needs a coffee before they can function or must eat breakfast in the am. Here are two cute little gifts that they’re bound to enjoy.

Screenshot 2017-12-14 14.38.07 Women’s But First Coffee Hot Stuff Thermal Mug
Screenshot 2017-12-14 14.37.22
Dash Mini Maker – Waffle