Holiday Look- Casual Glam

Holiday Look- Casual Glam

Who’s ready for holiday fashion?! Well I’m bringing it to you whether you’re ready or not. I don’t know about you babes, but I love to dress up for the holidays-even if that means I’m the only one- it’s just fun and makes the day more festive in my opinion. I’m going to start us out slow though and hop into thanksgiving. I know it’s tomorrow, but you can recreate these looks which pieces you have at home. Plus I’m give you two casual glam looks. As a side note both of these looks would work perfectly for an office holiday party or any holiday gathering that you want to look put together, but not to over the top at.

Let me know below if you dress up for the holidays or you’re more casual!

Zara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chicZara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-color-blondeZara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-shorthair-blonde-colorZara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic

Zara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-shorthair-blonde-color-jackieo

Ps in this last image I feel like I’m having a Jackie O moment.


Sweater: Ted Baker

Pants: Missguided

Coat: Zara- but with all the buzz about them

I’ve opted to share this one from J.Crew instead

Sunnies: out of stock- try these from Quay

Boots: Vince Camuto

Zara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-shorthair-blonde-color-ZahavaNYC-Zahava-nyc-blogger-1bag3waysZara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-shorthair-blonde-color-ZahavaNYC-Zahava-nyc-blogger-1bag3waysZara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-shorthair-blonde-color-ZahavaNYC-Zahava-nyc-blogger-1bag3ways-almond nailsZara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-shorthair-blonde-color-ZahavaNYC-Zahava-nyc-blogger-1bag3ways-almond nailsZara-coat-holiday-holidays-thanksgiving-style-fashion-dressy-casual-office party-glam-chic-hair-shorthair-blonde-color-ZahavaNYC-Zahava-nyc-blogger-1bag3ways


Sweater: loft

Coat: oldie

Pants: Zara, but again here is another option

Bag: Zahava NYC ::12 days of giveaway item::- follow my IG so you don’t miss it!

Sunnies: mine are sold out but try’s these from F21