Dark chocolate raspberry hazelnut bark

Dark chocolate raspberry hazelnut bark

I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth and this dessert is my favorite or only because it’s filled with clean and organic ingredients, but because it satisfies my chocolate cravings every time. -oh and the hubby loves it too so that means it has to be good!

This is by far the easiest thing to make. There’s no measuring or hard work involved. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is head to your local supermarket and grab 3 bars of organic dark chocolate, (the higher the coca percentage the better), a pint of organic raspberries and some raw hazelnuts.

First off the night before rinse your berries! Wash them up and make sure there’s not a spec or water on them when your putting them into your melted chocolate -or else you’ll have wet chocolate and nobody wants wet chocolate! If you plan on making this the same day you can but just be sure you dry them well. You can also use freeze dried berries or organic dried berries, like cherries or cranberries.

Now toast up your hazelnuts! You can do this two ways the first way is in the oven -pre heat it to 350- leave them for about 15mins or until golden brown. The other way you can do this is to roast them on the stove top. I prefer to do it this way. You just let them sit on one side in the skillet then wait for them to toast up a bit and shake them to toast them up on the other side.

While your toasting your hazelnuts start melting your chocolate. I melt mine in a Wilton’s chocolate melter, but you can do this in a double boiler too.

-Grab a pan and some wax paper to line it with-

Once your chocolate is melted put a hand full of toasted hazelnuts and raspberries on the pan in a cluster then dump the chocolate on top of the raspberries and nuts evenly.

It should look like a circle or rectangle/depending on the pan you use.

Now let it cool for a few moments out side of the fridge then let it set in the fridge for 5-10mins. Take it out and let it finish setting outside of the fridge. Once it’s set cut it up into bite size pieces and enjoy!