5 tips on planning an epic honeymoon (or getaway) on a budget

5 tips on planning an epic honeymoon (or getaway) on a budget

Okay I know honeymoon and budget don’t exactly go hand and hand, BUT they can. For our honeymoon we didn’t want to spend $20,000+, but we did want to go somewhere that we would always remember. Somewhere across the world and not common. We weren’t into going anywhere commercialized just because we wanted to making this a once in a lifetime trip (hopefully twice). So if you’re down for saving money and still have a trip of a lifetime then check out these 5 tips!

1. a card with benefits- If you’re engaged or planning to be engaged soon open up a chase ink credit card use it for everything you can and watch your points rack up. This card has amazing flyers mile perks, so don’t use your points until it’s time to book your HM flights. You could get your flights for an extremely low cost or no cost at all depending on how much you’ve racked up.

2. Costco travel is your new BFF. I really wanted to go to somewhere different and so did my husband. It sounds odd, but Costco travel has the best vacation package deals. And side note I noticed that travel agencies were even going through Costco travel, but jacking up the price so they would make money ::shook::

3. Think outside the box- while we wanted to go to bora bora it’s prices are heightened because it’s a “well known” location. Plus let’s face it any destination that the Kardashians go to the country and hotel think they can raise the price that much higher ::yawn:: so we decided not to pay the ridiculous price tag of bora bora and headed to a newer much lesser known destination. We choose an island called Aitutaki located in the Cook Islands. It was absolutely breathtaking and the waters are supposedly nicer then bora boras. Thinking about heading to Fiji? Try the Maldives instead it’s cheaper and just as beautiful. Looking to head to Europe? Greece and Croatia are significantly cheaper then France or Italy and their beaches are just as beautiful.

4. All inclusive is the best way to go, but a lot of South Pacific and European destinations don’t have this option. Make sure that you factor in the cost of food and drinks before you book your trip. How do you find this info out? Contact the hotel and ask them daily food/beverage rates or google it that’s what we did.

5. Excursions- keep it to a minimum. I say you pick one and he picks one unless you guys are thrill seekers. For us relaxing on the beach was the perfect way to spend our honeymoon. Besides excursions can get expensive and you already paid for the amazing hotel on the beach with a view of paradise so why spend your days running around when you can enjoy what you have?

Where are some travel destinations you dying to go to?! My next stop is definitely Europe, but I’m itching to go to Bali too. **Warning one you go somewhere so out of the box you get the travel bug really quickly!**