Tips and tricks for thrift shopping

Tips and tricks for thrift shopping

Let’s just get right to it. I went thrift shopping recently and now I’m kinda obsessed. If you follow my tips and tricks you can get designer goods for a quarter of the price- so without keeping you in suspense any longer here are my 5 tips and tricks for thrift shopping.

1. Location, location, location! This rule is important for so many things in life and thrifting is no different. You want to find the areas of your county/city that have high disposable income. If you live in a big city head to the good wills or thrift shops in those locations. No mater your social status you’re always donating clothes. It’s just a fact that people with a higher disposable income will buy higher end labels and their turn over rate tends to be faster then the average person, which works out well for us thrifters. Also keep in mind when traveling to look up local thrift shops in the area. While I was in D.C. I found a pair for Valentino smoking slippers for $100!

2. Take your time. You can’t rush looking in a thrift shop. You need to look through every rack to find the gems hidden in between all the clothes. For example if you’re just skimming through you might go right over that saks fifth avenue cream cardigan or that DVF dress. – so take your time and don’t go with someone that’s going to rush you.

3. Bring a friend. Like any shopping experience it’s always a good idea to enforce the buddy system. Why? Because you don’t want to get stuck with junk! It’s easy to over purchase especially because it’s not as expensive. Having a buddy with you will help you weed out the gems and help you find those one of a kind pieces.

4. Make nice with the employees. These are the people that see the goods first. If you become friendly with them they might tip you off when the best drop off days are so you can come in and shop the newest threads or they might even be nice enough to put something they think you’d like aside for you.

5. Find a good dry cleaner & tailor. Sometimes you find an amazing piece, but it has a stain or needs to be hemmed. If you have a good dry cleaner & tailor then you won’t have to pass up on that designer blouse with a foundation stain or that one size too big skirt. Trust me paying the $20 for a tailor or $10 for the stain removal is nothing compared to how much those items would’ve costed you off the rack.

So remember the key to a successful thrift shop trip is first and foremost the location. Maybe you don’t think theirs a good location where you live, I’d recommend checking out a thrift shop when you’re in a new state or city.
I got lucky I found an awesome thrift shop close to my daily routine. I can pop in once a week to see if anything worth buying came in. Last week I found a cream TopShop sweater, Lord and Taylor tee (sample from their spring 2018 collection never worn), Rachele Roy dress and a Brandy Melville gray sweater. Oh and I snagged it all for $40 INSANE right?!

Here are some of the outfits I put together with my finds.

Brandy Melville sweater (thrift), lucky brand shorts and Vince Camuto boots

Rachel Roy dress (thrift) and Michael Kors sandals

TopShop sweater (thrift), Madewell jeans and white sneakers (no brand)