A Millennial Registry

A Millennial Registry

Being a millennial newlywed I feel like I can speak on a few must have products for your registry.

Let’s address the major shift in registries before we even begin. We are in a completely new age, It’s not 1960 or 1999 we all aren’t getting a ring at 20 and saying, “I do”, a year later. It’s 2017 most couples today are already living together, have been dating for 5+ years and have accumulated a lot of products already. This is why I’m a HUGE fan of Zola. You can put whatever you want from whatever store(s) you want on one simple list. To learn more about Zola you can check out this blog I wrote here

Us millennials are a little unconventional at times so making a registry to fit our lifestyle is imperative. For instance adding fine china wasn’t on the top of my list. I’d rather have a fun piece like a bar-cart to use to entertain my friends and family with when they come over. Hell, I’d rather have a milk frothed over a fine china set! These are things I feel the husband and I would get more use out of.

Another must have on everyone’s list must be a vacuum, but I’m not talking your Mom’s or grandma’s vacuum I’m talking about a robot vacuum. You know, the kind you setup to vacuum your floors while you’re at work because unless you’re sitting at home all day watching TV -even if you are, who am I to judge- you don’t have time to vaccuum your floors once a week. So do yourself a favor and add one of these bad boys to your list and pray that a generous aunt or your lovely bridal party pick it up for you. ::I’ll pray for you::

Everyday plates. Look now that you’re getting married and technically a grown up it would be nice to have a matching plate set. I’m not saying a set of 16, but at least a set of six or four. It looks nice when you have the occasional guest over or just so you and your hubby can stop eating off those appetizer size plates you took from Chili’s, TGI Friday’s and Cheesecake Factory in college. Same goes for your utensils time to upgrade those too.

Honeymoon fund- now this is my favorite millennial trend! Don’t even bother asking for gifts just ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund! Zola actually has a feature for this on their site for that!

Maybe you’re into the whole “minimalist living”, then you can add on experiences to your registry instead of items! You could add on a craft cocktail tour in NYC, a subscription to Blue Apron or maybe even that flytographer session you’ve been wanting for your honeymoon. Even if your not a minimalist trust me after an expensive wedding its nice to have a date night or two already paid for.

What I’m trying to say here is that registries don’t have to be boring and they don’t have to look cookie cutter. You can be you and still make an awesome registry filled with items or experiences that you want. Those are just a few of my favorites. Let me know down below your favorite registry item!

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