Wedding Day Glow

Wedding Day Glow

Let’s talk my wedding day glow and how I got my skin in check before the big day.

I’m huge on facials I was getting them once a month up until my wedding. I got a few hydrafacials and signature facials at a local spa.  Then the month of my wedding I found out about Co2 facials which is basically a hydrafacial on crack, I mean this facial is ah-mazing like I want my own machine type of amazing.

I heard about it from another blogger (Mallory Ervin) who was also getting married the month before me. I saw her Co2 facial results and I knew I needed some of that in my life. I immediately googled spas near me that perform Co2 facials and JVAT spa came up. It’s right off park ave in the upper east side. 

I went in for a consultation and meet one of their esthetician Rachele. She told me exactly what we needed to do within the 4 weeks leaded up to my wedding to have me glowing down the aisle. Now everyone is different, but that’s what I love about JTAV they customize your treatments. For this particular visit I needed a Gel peel, Co2 facial and light therapy.  My skin reacted beautifully to the treatments the Co2 got ride of all the crapiness under my eyes and left my skin so hydrated and glowy it was like I had new skin. Since my skin looked so good I made an appointment for 3 weeks later, 3 days before my wedding for the same treatment, but my skin had other plans in mind. 

Now when you’re planning a wedding it’s natural to be stressed out and stress shows itself in all types of ways. My stress decided to come out as 3 huge oil pimples the Sunday before my wedding. They were so massive and deep I literally didn’t know what to do, so I did what any bride to be would do and I put on face mask, after face mask, after face mask and when that didn’t work I decided to poke at them BIG MISTAKE and I mean HUGE MISTAKE! I left 2 red gashes on the side of my face- by now it’s the Wednesday before my wedding and I’m internally freaking out. My appointment was Thursday and I didn’t want to move it up because I wanted the full effects of that Co2 facial. 

The next day, Thursday morning, my face still looks horrible so I emailed Rachele -side note Rachele is the sweetest person ever she literally will write back about any concern or question her clients have- I told her what was going on and she assured me that she can work her magic and all will be fine. Which was so refreshing to hear because all my other estheticians would’ve scolded me for touching my face. Rachel just assured me that everything would be fine and a similar situation happen to another client of hers and it was taken care of.

I went into the spa that afternoon and Rachele set me up with a genesis laser treatment, dermaplaning, Co2 facial and light therapy. The combo was designed just for me and was exactly what my skin needed at that moment. It was all about healing those pimples and gently killing any further bacteria in my pores- this way nothing else would pop up before the big day. (picture order: before my treatment, immediately after my treatment and 2 days later they were gone! that third photo was taken the night before my wedding day completely bare faced)


To make a very long story short the pimples healed into scabs very quickly and fell off the day before my wedding. It was amazing, my skin looked fabulous and I received so many compliments on my glowing skin that day- everyone wanted to know my wedding prep skincare secrets well it’s Rachele & JTAV spa. 


If you’re in the NYC area I highly recommend you calling up JTAV spa for a consultation and be sure to request Rachele! Don’t leave without trying the Co2 facial though it does wonders for your skin and is by far my favorite treatment thus far.