I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, but it’s because I got married which I’ll definitely have a post-up about that soon, but right now I want to tell you guys about my latest sunless tanning experience.
Okay so here’s the deal when I got my tan I was off to my honeymoon in less than 24hrs and my glittering pale skin had got to go. I was asked by Brazil Bronze Tan SoHo to come in for a sun kissed glow. Now I consider myself somewhat of a sunless tanning connoisseur. Ever since I saw the damage tanning bed have done to my skin I don’t believe in using them anymore. Thanks to my carefree teenage years, I have so much irreversible sun damage on
my face. All of my none summer time glow and sometimes summer glow is because of sunless tanning.
I’ve heard of Brazil Bronze SoHo from so many different outlets, it’s the place that stars go when in NYC to get their sunless glow on, so I was beyond excited to head over to get a quick glow before I jetted off for my honeymoon. Once I arrived the staff was very friendly and greeted me. I filled out a simple questionnaire that asked how tan I wanted to be and what type of tan I was looking for, express, traditional or organic, they even had a sculpting option which is always a fun add on. When I was called back for my tan. The women that applied my tan was very nice and it wasn’t awkward at all, I’ve been doing this for a while so maybe I’m past the whole awkwardness of it. She tells you exactly how to position and reposition yourself so that every inch of you gets coated in their sunless tanning product. I don’t like sitting in a spray tan for that long and I like to control my color so I opted for the express tan. The express tan means you can leave it on for 2-4 hrs depending on how deep of a color you’re looking for. They did offer an organic tan which is something I would usually like to try. Maybe next time I’ll give it a whirl and let you guys know how it turns out. I’m always game for an organic option.
Some of you may be wondering why I got a spray tan before heading off to a tropical island, but it’s really the same concept as getting a base tan from a
tanning bed prior to going on a vacation. The difference is that I don’t have to sit in a tanning bed 2 weeks prior. I also don’t have to worry about sitting out in the sun all day long on my vacation because I already have sun-kissed skin -BTW the sun will still tan your skin even with a spray tan so don’t worry about that!-
My overall thoughts on the spray tan. The staff was great and I had a really nice glow. No one could tell it was a spray which is always the goal. It was perfect for my pre honeymoon glow. If there was any downfall it would be that a couple of spots were missed. Nothing that would be noticed with
clothes on, but with a bathing suit it’s a bit noticeable. Other than that I have no complaints. The tan was even and the perfect shade for every skin tone. The color they use has a beautiful olive undertone, so no orange hues here! If you’re in NYC or planning a trip there I would recommend hitting their studio to get your glow on ASAP!
A little makeup tip- I never get my face sprayed! even when self-tanning I leave my face bare. I do this for a couple of reasons, the first one being that I don’t like how it clings to some areas on my face, it makes my dark spots more prominent and clings to certain areas differently. I also don’t want it to clog my pores. -I’ll get more into detail about my wedding prep skincare another time but trust me with any face regimen you do not want to take the chance of breaking out especially when you can just color match yourself easily.Clothing Deets:Top: Hollister co

Joggers: Topshop

Sandals: Hollister co

Luggage: Alice & Olivia for Target

Polish color: Blue & Borrowed Essie