Hello my loves and Happy New Year! I want to keep this into short because this post is going to be super long so grab a snack or a detox tea, since it is the new year and we’re all working on our new year bods 😉 Oh and have your sephora or ulta app on standby becuase you’re going to need these products!

This entire post is going to be dedicated to my favorite makeup products of 2016. I will do a post on haircare and skincare blog post as well, but I’m going to keep them all separate. I’m also going to do my best and pick out one item from each category or else this post will get all types of crazy. Lets start off with the basics aka primer!


I’m not going to lie to you. I used to never use a primer I though it was a waste of money, but this year my mind has been completely changed! Now I can’t do my makeup without it. For 2016 my go to primer has been magical moringa from lush cosmetics. When you first apply this magical cream you think to your self 💭what am I putting on my face??, because it goes on kind of oilly, but it quickly melts into your skin and leaves a beautiful matte finish. Your skin looks like a perfectly pore-less &matte canvas. I have super dry skin especially in the winter and I use this primer all over my face. The days that I do not use this primer I can see a huge difference in the longevity of my foundation and the finish of my makeup.


I have somewhat of a foundation obsession. I am always on the look out for the next best thing. Which would probably explain my extensive highend foundation collection. You name it I’ve tried it, so who would’ve thought that my favorite foundation would come from the sephora collection?! My must have foundation in 2016 is the sephora collection airbrush foundation. It’s so weightless and leaves your skin looking healthy and simply perfect. It has a light to medium coverage, but you can build it up. Never have I had so many people ask me what foundation im wearing, ever. It looks so natural and gives you that ‘your skin look, but better’! If you’re going to get anything from this list, I highly recommend grabbing this product it’s worth every penny.


I feel like a conceler can make or break your makeup look. I like to use two concelers and my conceler cocktail go to for 2016 is Nars custard mixed with NYX HD concealer CW 02 on top. I blend them out with a damp beauty blender for the perfect under eye. Nothing creases and my dark circle don’t come out to play during the day which is a huge plus in my book.


I’m super picky when it comes to bronzer. I don’t want to look like snookie via jersey shore circa season 1&2. I know I said I would be keeping it to one product per category, but bronzers are so difficult. I like to use the first and second shade in the kat von d palette to contour my face with, but if we are just warming up the face for a casual day look, my go to product is nars laguna. When im going for a glam look I like to use my RCMA countour palette I take the two darkest shades in the hallows of my cheeks, sides of my forhead and on my jawline then I set it with Kay von d and add some laguna on top.


I have to admit this year I didn’t really have a go to blush, but if I have to pick one it would be Ameretto in the becca x jacklyn hill face palette ::for reference it’s the top middle color::. It gives your cheeks a warm brown glow with a hint of rose. It’s a very veritile color and perfect so many different skin tones.


Give me that glow girl! 2016 was the year of the glow and I was loving it all year round, from chunky glitter to a lit from within glow. No highlighter was off limites for me. It’s so hard to narrow it down, but Becca takes the cake. Champagne pop and opal were my absolute favorites for a glam night out. If were talking  casual, I was a huge fan of the subtle nars matte powder in the NARS  palette above. ::for reference it’s the white color in the NARS palette::.It highlights your face perfectly for a casual daytime look.


This one is hard for me. I honestly haven’t bought a brow product ::cue the gasping:: I know, I know it’s crazy! Here’s the thing, I received a brow pencil in my boxy charm called chella and I really liked it. I also recieved as a sample from sephora of the benefit kabrow brow product and I loved that product as well. One thing both items have in common is my dose of colors brow brush! I’m in love with this brow brush I truly believe that the brow product doesn’t matter as long as I have my brow brush they’ll come out looking perfect every time

Eye shadow

If you follow me you’ll know what I’m going to say VIOLET VOSS! If you do not have an eye shadow palette from them first off where have you been? Secondly once you finish reading this post go order one, preferably the HolyGrail palette. Their shadows are so pigmented and blend out perfectly. Their shades are unique and I create so many day and night looks using the same palette.


This is easy NOT. I hate buying mascara does anyone else hate buying it? It’s almost $25 for a little tube and half the time it’s just decent. I don’t have one that I’m in love with at all so if you ladies have a recommendation please leave it in the comments below!


I’m more of a shadow under the eye kinda girl, but if I’m going out and want to tight-line my waterline it’s ganna be Marc jacobs black eye liner. It’s so creamy and goes on without a fight. When i’m going for a more natural look I like to go with a nude liner to make my eyes appear larger and more awake. the NYX wonder pencil is perfect for that. My go to shade is the WP01 Light/Clair. As a side note this pencil is amazing for under your brows, around your lip area and when highlighting & contouring your nose. As for liquid liner, I wasn’t a huge cat eye fan for most of 2016. Not because I didn’t like how it looked. It was mostly because I just couldn’t find the right liquid eyeliner. Towards the tail end of 2016 that kind of changed, but since it’s not a yearly favorite I’ll share it with out another time.


Yes, yes, yes I love me some lashes! The more dramatic the lash the better. Ones that I’ve been using all year long are you complete me from velour lashes. They are mink lashes and can be wore up to 30times so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Anothe brand I was loving this year was KOKO lashes. I grab a few while I was at IMATS and my favorite was Queen B.


I need to break down the lippies because let’s get real their’s so many types of lip items choosing just one for all lip categories just wouldn’t be fair. Let’s start with matte lipstick. For this category I’m going to have to give it to Sephora collection again with  pink luster. It’s such a beautiful pink color that you can use year round. Moving to a lip liner I have to go with contempo from Colour pop. Colour pop liners are so inexpensive that you can buy a bunch of them at once and not break the bank. They’re color payoff is better then drugstore in my opinion and they’re very blendable. I’ve also been a huge fan of over lining my lips and contouring my lips and this color liner has been perfect for doing so thanks to it’s cool tone pink color. For glosses I really love Dose of Colors and my favorite has been rosè. It’s literally stone only in gloss form which I love, because after awhile matte lips wear off and tend to make your lips look funny and that’s not a good look  when touch ups aren’t convenient. As forlipsticks ive been loving soft touch from Dose of Colors  and buttercup from gerard cosmetics.

Setting spray

I have two, but that’s because they’re both different. First it’s Mac fix-plus it take the powder look out of my make up and brings moisture back into my skin. Once that drys I like to spray my skininavia bridal setting spray. It hold my makeup all day long without allowing any shine through. Using this combo gives my skin the perfect finish to my makeup routine and holds my look all day long.

Makeup tools

I already mentioned my brow brush form dose of colors, but I have a few others tools that I feel need mentioning. I can not do my makeup without my sigma F80. It’s the perfect foundation brush no matter what foundation you’re using. I even use it to buff out my Sephora airbrush foundation. Another favorite is my Beauty Blender I’ve been obsessed with my beauty blender all year. Forgot the other brands once you go BB your not going back. It’s the perfect tool to use under your eyes to apply concealer with. I also like to use a damp BB on my foundation *tip for dry skin* apply your foundation spray with a toner like rose water from mario badescu take your damp BB and pounce it all over your face. It will help give you that dewy skin finish and takes out the powdery look. Staying with the face my favorite contouring brush is that large angled and small contouring by luxie brushes. Lastly I can not do my eyes without my mally blending brush. It has changed the game for my eye looks. I actually received it in a boxy charm box and it’s my all time favorite eye brush if I ever lost it I’d freak, no seriously I thought I lost it once and I bugged out it’s that good.

Okay so those are all of my 2016 favorite makeup products I hope you guys enjoyed the extensive read. Taking about all this makeup makes me want to go buy more. Does anyone else have this issue?!? 😂 Head over to my Instagram and leave me a 💄emoji if you read this entire post or a 💋if your going to go out any buy more makeup.

Happy 2017 my loves may this year bring you all happiness and joy.