Raspberry Chia Seed Jam, Made under 5mins!

Hello loves. I have a special treat for you this week, an extra post! I shared a photo of my raspberry  chia seed jam on my Instagram page and the reach out for the recipe was so high that I knew I couldn’t leave you guys hanging. I’m literally obsessed with this stuff it’s so easy to make and I put it on everything breakfast or snack related from toast to pancakes. It’s a healthy swap for jelly and syrup. Now, I can’t take all the credit for this jam. I got the idea from a friend. One day I brought  raspberries with me in a plastic bag to snack on and when I pulled them out they were all smashed up. My friend said “oh look you made jam”! At the time I was starving and didn’t find it so funny, but since I hate to throw away food I decided that I would bring them home and find a use for them which leads me here to this yummy post!

Ingredients: All you need is
raspberries (I prefer to use organic),
chia seeds

Tools you’ll need:

Step one:
wash your raspberries and add them to your bowl. Then sprinkle half a table spoon of chia seeds on top then mash them up!

Step two:
Add your homemade raspberry chia seed jam to your toast or pancakes. I opted for a sprouted bread with goat cheese and layered my jam on top 😋

Step 3: Enjoy!
This is by far my favorite breakfast. It’s yummy and healthy! I also like to sprinkle a few more chia seeds on top, but that’s really it. Just 3 (really 2) easy steps to make delicious homemade chia seed jam! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. If you read this article head over to my Instagram and leave me a 💖 emoji @fashionstylefoodie

Happy Thursday everyone 😘